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Executive Summary

HITCH TECHNOLOGIES Is a UK based private limited company located in Huddersfield. We offer Various number of technical services such as Business process (BPO) including call center services, IT technical support for end users, Web designing and Web-related services to small businesses and end users over the globe.
The services we offer include Online website designing and development, Maintenance of website, marketing, and analysis, CRM Design and development, Web application development. IT technical support includes technical support for computers, maintenance of computers, troubleshooting, System integration and software installation etc.
Given our experience and expertise in both commercial and Domestic B2B and B2C Respectively, we believe we can offer a unique and superior service to small business owners, and other users of services in comparison to what is currently available.
The demand and growth rate for Web development, IT services and BPO services in the small business market is at an all time high and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Even more astonishing is the fact that very few Web development companies have taken advantage of the opportunity, as there are no dominating participants in this huge market.
We believe the reason for this virtually untapped market is due to expensive project costs, the highest profit margins in IT today are in servicing large- and medium-sized corporations. We have developed a system that dramatically reduces steep project costs and henceforth will allow us to offer the same high-end services as larger companies receive at a much lower cost to the client.
We have a dedicated and well-trained cadre of customer support specialists who are able to consistently provide excellent services delivered on a timely and cost-effective manner.

This business plan will highlight many aspects of our system and our business. It will detail market growth and demand, and it will outline our projected cash flow and profit margins over the next three years. All numbers regarding our projected company growth are based on previous information gathered by activity in the company over the last few months of operation.

 Mission statement :
Our mission is to Design , develop and maintain an affordable, accessible, and streamlined IT and Web services through out the globe. To develop a system for offering many different types of services that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of customer.

Our values  :
Hitch technologies is committed to the fair and ethical treatment of employees and stakeholders. This shall be undertaken through implementation of the following company values.

1. We intend to be a responsible corporate citizens, fulfilling our obligations as an integral member of society. Our business decisions will give appropriate weight and consideration to social and environmental impacts.
2. We intend to provide products and services of uncompromising quality.
3. We intend to seek mutually beneficial and enduring relationships in all the commitments that we make, ensuring that they are straightforward and honest. Our communication will be open and accurate, both internally and externally.
We will intend to uphold all the above company values, promoting our employees to do likewise.

Through implementation of the company values, we believe that we will be able to attain our goals and objectives for the benefit of all concerned, in particular, the communities in which we will operate.

 Keys to Success :  
1. Offering high-end Web and software development services to small businesses in a way that they can understand and afford eg, CRM, Website, web applications, shopping carts, etc.
2. Build a strong residual income through secondary subscription-based services tailored for small business (website designing, marketing, maintenance, consulting, IT support).
3. We can offer small business to Out- source their processes overseas and provide high quality services in a cost effective manner that help small business to grow. To construct a platform for small business to exchange their benefits. (see services below.)
4. Providing IT Technical support to an end user over the globe in a way they can afford and gain peace of mind with quality and cost effective services.
5. Establishing strategic partnerships with other IT service providers and computer consulting companies to refer small business website projects to us in exchange for high payoffs.
6. Understanding and delivery of the Quality service with cost efficiency compare to the availability in the market.

Services in Description

1. BPO ( Business process out source)
2. Web development
3. IT technical services
4. Software development
5. Print Designs

1. BPO ( Business process out source):
Hitch technologies offers a wide range of call center service including both inbound and outbound calls. We provide services in UK and US english . The most common needs that we can fulfill are:
1. Generate sales leads
2. Set appointments
3. Surveys (including statistical analysis and political surveys)
4. First level help desk
5. Database or mailing list information
6. Business development
7. Point-of-sale product promotion
8. Seminar and conference invitations
9. Customer services for their existing clients.
10. IT support for their end user.
Hitch technologies is not a telemarketing company or a call center, we do not create the marketing campaigns for our clients. We arrange BPO i.e, call center services as per the requirement of the client and their standard. By Utilizing our contacts overseas we source out the best suitable service provider in accordance to the client requirement to get the best competitive experienced staff, offices or other business services that is intend to be out sourced overseas for cost efficiency.
In return we charge the brokerage from both parties that are involved up front, and is continuous till the term of the contract with 100% transparency. Hitch Technologies dose not provide any guarantee or does not hold any liability on behalf of any of the involved parties or subject

2. Web development :
Hitch technologies is a full-service web solution provider for small businesses. We focus mainly on the Web, offering the following as our key 'Bread & Butter' website services:
Design and development.
Marketing and analysis.

We currently offer the following secondary services:
E-commerce development.
Website renovations and upgrades.
Application development (i.e. chatrooms, message boards, online polling, live-feed audio/video, etc.).
Website maintenance training.
Internet/website education.
Database construction (i.e., CRM linked to website, or development of customer account on website).

3. IT technical services .
IT technical support includes all other services related to the information technology.
Technical support for computers
Maintenance of computers,
System integration
Malfunction removal
Computer & Internet Security
Virus and Spyware Removal
Instant Diagnose and Repair

Expert diagnostic and repair services include troubleshooting for:
Errors, blue screens, incompatibility warnings.
Data loss and hard drive crashes.
Virus and spyware removal.
Windows registry problems and errors.
Setup and installation of network, devices and software applications

We offer to provide expert security services to protect your PC from:
Viruses and spyware
Hacking and phishing
Browser issues
Malware and pop-ups

  4. Software development : 
Hitch Technologies Software application developers will partner with your company to transform your business and help you take advantage of the myriad of opportunities on the web.

Mobile application development :
Mobile gadgets are our loyal companions these days. Users devote the same amount of time (or even more) to mobile experience as to our conventional web surfing. We are a team of innovation-driven web and mobile app developers with honed iOS and Android skills and we are ready to take mobile app development challenge in any (or all!) areas of your choice.

Custom Software Development :
If off-the-shelf solutions in the market do not completely match the processes and ultimate goals of your firm and you would like made-to-order software, Hitch Technologies software developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes.

Software Product Development :
Creating a software product requires not only tech talent, but also business finesse and domain expertise to evaluate the market and user expectations, assess the competition and possible risks. If you are planning to launch your own software product, but feel the need to extend your in-house team, Hitch Technologies is here to become part of your remote software development center, giving you access to our domain and technology expertise.

Hitch Technologies Application Integration Services :
Hitch Technologies offers IT development services and system integration assistance to help you keep your services run smoothly and efficiently. With profound knowledge of IT software development domain and adept technology insight, our web development company binds discrete software systems, based on different technologies like PHP, Java, .Net, and links your corporate software and web applications with third-party solutions via a number of different APIs.

Hitch Technologies application integration service offerings include:

Back-end Integration Services

Web Services Development

API Integration and Development
Data Integration

 4. Print Designs :
Hitch technologies team of artists and graphic designers recognize the unique opportunities that print design offers, and they use it to give you the best Logo design, brochures, flyers, direct mailers, catalogue design, book cover and posters etc. Creativity is the buzzword with our design team and our graphic designers excel in it. The hitch technologies print design team works on the latest available software in print design. To choose which one best suits the client requirement.

Brochure Printing

Catalogue Printing 

Flyer and Leaflet Printing 

Presentation Folder Printing

Business card Printing, Poster Printing

Magazine layout

Stationery Printing 


Mail fulfillment and print on demand.

Hitch technologies only offer this service in United Kingdom due to the manufacturing vendors or associates are UK based. Hitch technologies will look for an opportunity to grow globally.

Business opportunity :

As above hitch technologies provides ample number of services . The aim is to provide the one stop shop for business through out the globe to Facilitate business with new , modern technologies in a timely manner.
Hitch technologies only offers Print design service in United Kingdom only as the manufacturing partners or associates are UK based. Hitch technologies will look for an opportunity to grow globally. Also , do the backward integration and place the print and sign company in future.
Hitch technologies will also look forward to own establish their own call centers in order to increase profitability in future.

 Future Services:
Installation: Hitch technologies will be a one stop solution for all small businesses, as IT is a necessary tool in everyday operations of a company. We will handle every aspect of setting up a small business with an internal network of computers from purchasing, installing, and configuring the machines to software integration and educating the employees on proper usage and operating functions.
Intranet Setup Installation: In our plan, after developing an Internet website for outside marketing purposes, we would like to offer the service of implementing the website into the network for use in all the business day-to-day operations. This would include extensive product/service cataloging, vital employee and management information, sharing of accounting and inventory details, etc., all intended for strict company uses.

Result-based Marketing :
This is a service that no small business can turn down. We have plans to offer aggressive, intensified marketing services with the fees based solely on results. To achieve this, we are in the process of forming multiple partnerships and alliances with industry specific Internet websites and various other software and service-oriented companies that provide specific marketing services and tools based on results achieved. We feel as though offering this rare service will dramatically increase our portfolio of clients.

Marketing :
Hitch Technologies focuses on all marketing and sales efforts towards Europe, US, Canada and Australia with high demand and highest literacy rate.
We will market ourselves as an Internet and Web services organization devoted to offering high-end services to small businesses or any Direct customers who will get benefit from our services. Our target customer will be the owners of any small or home-based company who are looking to implement their business into the Web.

Marketing Promotional strategies :
Business networking : Presence in the Trade Fare , offering direct one to one business meetings, explain business the key benefits of ....Outsourcing
Advert placement in local trade publications newspapers etc.
Search engine optimization : Aiming to gain one of the top listing position in google , yahoo and other search engines.
Web Advertisement: Running PPC account for inflow of customers in timely manner.

Future marketing strategies :
Inviting businesses and business owners and managers about the Internet and Web-related educational seminars and key benefits of out  sourcing. In the near future, we will promote our services through these seminars.
  In the near future we will feature ads in several area business publications i.e. journals, business magazines etc.
Mass Media Ads: We will begin advertising on a broader scale in the next future. Radio spots will be continuously played during local area talk shows and news programs; this placement is intended to reach the highest percentage of our target clients.
Billboard ad placement will be the second mass media marketing campaign we will implement into our marketing efforts. Billboard ads will be intended as 'name recognition' advertising.