Mansha Sweets


We were commissioned to create a great Menu selection, delicious bake good discounts, special promotions, customer testimonials and much more that would present information in a most user-friendly way.

We are delighted to fulfill any advance orders. We take advance orders up to 120 days in advance when you need to plan for your perfect event. We do require that payment be made in full for all advance orders 45 days prior to date of the event.

Mansha is capable and interested in providing our freshly products to a host of wholesale commercial clients. For those interested parties we are happy to provide our wholesale price list and will make special arrangements for pricing due to volume.

Mansha Sweets caters to customers with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. It is our goal to make the process of placing an order easy and convenient for you.

We take pride in providing special occasion, holiday and special order requests designed to please your palate and suitable for every occasion! Our baked goods are made with love and our goal is to make you feel special and right at home.

Feel free to order online or better yet, come in and browse around, we’d love to visit with you!

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

Our top quality products are there on the shelf waiting for you.