BPO Industries


HITCH Technologies offers a range of solutions for industry-specific processes. Whether your enterprise is a bank that needs to get better at managing risk, a government looking to better serve your citizens, or a telecom provider trying to limit customer churn, HITCH Technologies has the relevant expertise and experience to optimize the business processes that directly impact your bottom line. Learn more about what we're doing in your industry.

Today, customers want to partner with BPO vendors who can add value to their business and provide competitive differentiation. To meet this need, BPO industry is evolving from a labor arbitrage "Lift and Shift" model towards a value driven Utility model.



Retail :

The retail sector is witnessing unprecedented growth fuelled by a boom in consumer spending due to higher disposable incomes, rising middle class aspirations and the influence of globalization. This growth is also manifested through the rise in electronic retailing with the proliferation of broadband internet connections and mobile telephony.                                                                                                                                                       Read More


Telecom :

Though the telecom market is still attractive, it is becoming increasingly saturated, driving customer acquisition costs sky-high while lowering switching costs. With the entry of new global telecom players, customer acquisition and retention costs are spiralling upwards, squeezing out the margins.                                Read More


Insurance :

HITCH procurement outsourcing services for insurance companies helps you build a responsive, integrated supply chain that supports collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers to unlock savings opportunities and foster relationships across the supply chain.                                                                                    Read More

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